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I live and create my jewelry in the picturesque surroundings of the Bohemian Karst in a small village near Prague.

Although I did not receive formal education in fine arts, handicrafts and craftsmanship have been accompanying me since childhood. I have been crafting jewelry from polymer clay since 2009. At first as a selftaught person I learned by trial-and-error procedure everything what polymer material can withstand and tolerate. In recent years I have attended several workshops led by renowned artists I am grateful to for a significant advance in my individual work. These include:
Christine Dumont, Kathleen Halverson Dustin, Lindly Haunani, Betina Welker, Donna Kato, Carrol Simmons, Sylvie Peraund, Lisa Pavelka, Carol Blackburn, Christi Friesen, Jana Lehmann

My product range is very diverse, I enjoy playing with different styles – I have no problem to create romantic necklaces or jewelry in the style of steampunk.

Polymer clay continues to fascinate me for its incredible plasticity, endless possibilities of customized color combinations and unique ability to get along with other materials and processing technologies very well.

Inexhaustible source of inspiration and ideas for me is the nature itself. Recently , I am attracted by the possibility to imitate stones and semi-precious stones in their true color, texture and shapes. I am fascinated by organic forms and textures and, also, microscopic structure blow-ups inspire me immensely.

I am a member of Internationl Polymer Clay Association (IPCA).

My entire professional career profile with the polymer clay you can see at my Flicker's gallery.

In case you are interested in anything from my collection please feel free to contact
me at my e-mail address: